Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (1993)

Shane W. Cadman: tenor saxophone
Christine Dietrich: violoncello
Paul Greenhaw: keyboard
John P. Hoover: baritone saxophone
Scott McIntosh: clarinet

1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 7:46 (Shane W. Cadman)

2. Sappho Sings to the Moon 6:21 (Paul Greenhaw)

3. Hats off to the Lemming People 4:23 (Paul Greenhaw)

4. Thou Pale Companion! 4:45 (Shane W. Cadman)

5. The Phoenix 5:54 (Christine Dietrich)

6. Vishnu's Dreams 12:48 (Paul Greenhaw)

7. Fleur de Mal 6:18 (Shane W. Cadman)

8. When the Smoke Clears at Dawn 6:19 (John P. Hoover)

9. Cat Got Your Soul 3:28 (Shane W. Cadman)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Thou Pale Companion!, Fleur de Mal, Cat Got Your Soul © 1993 Illustrious Music (ASCAP)

The Phoenix © 1993 Eyes That Wander Music (ASCAP)

When the Smoke Clears at Dawn © 1993 Festina Lente Music Publisher (ASCAP)

Sappho Sings to the Moon, Hats off to the Lemming People, Vishnu's Dreams © 1993 Tetraprosopokyklon Publishing Co. (BMI)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Shane W. Cadman)

No longer able to hear his own first symphony on the radio over the howling of the police sirens, Beethoven could only imagine how his music must sound.

Sappho Sings to the Moon (Paul Greenhaw)

A dedication to the female force (yin, shakti,...) in nature.

Hats off to the Lemming People (Paul Greenhaw)

This intensely revealing piece was penned when the composer was in his so-called "study of the animals" phase (culminating with the infamous Hegelian opera The Hydrophobic Halibut). In the composer's words, this piece "reveals the inner thoughts and feelings of the lemming. I was forced to experience what the lemming experienced, see what he saw, smell what he smelled, run where he ran." After listening to the piece, who can deny the composer's theriophilic talent for capturing the very soul, the anima of the lemming.

Thou Pale Companion! (Shane W. Cadman)

After meeting each other for the first time outside of the movie theater, Schubert and Goethe each had the feeling that they had met before.

The Phoenix (Christine Dietrich)

8/2. 2:23 p.m. Arizona

Rising from the ashes - again. It's so hot. Why do I continue to go outside?

Vishnu's Dreams (for Nastasha) (Paul Greenhaw)

Vishnu dreams the world dream. Brahma, the world creator, is the first to appear. Every blink of the Brahma's eyes takes 4,320,000 human years, there upon ending the Mahayuga (the four-fold cycle); and the cycle begins again.

Fleur de Mal (Shane W. Cadman)

While caressing a dead rose, Baudelaire dreams of the day video replaces photography altogether.

When the Smoke Clears at Dawn (Dedicated to D.R.K.) (John P. Hoover)

I could have called this one "Rondo in C Major" but where's the fun in that?

Cat Got Your Soul (Shane W. Cadman)

This was found scrawled on a post-it note stuck to a pizza box in Moliere's trash can.

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